Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Recently I made a video on the importance of posing for CG Spectrum.
Click HERE to view my thoughts on the subject.

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Louise Beacon said...

If you get this, it's probably going to seem creepy but I promise you I'm not a stalker just really proficient with Google. I was working all day on making a lame movie for my school's Music Monday assembly (I'm a music/French Immersion teacher now). I came across a short story I'd started a few years ago (writing is cheaper than therapy) called Sense Memory based on a class I took like 100 years ago. If you are the right Mark, in 2004? we took an acting class together with Frank in Gastown. He put us in a scene together as a married couple, which was pretty ironic considering my 'situation' at the time. That is probably why I remember it so well. I IMDB'd the movie you'd been working on that year to see if I could remember your name, because I'm old and I constantly forget things. I still have your Stanislavski book and because I'm a Type-A it's been hanging over my head all these years. If you want it back email me your address and I will mail it to you! (Sorry, the cover fell of it but other than that it's in good shape). My oldest is now 12, and dying to get into computer animation, digital design etc. and my 10 year old is into musical theatre. We moved far away from Vancouver a few years ago for work. It's cold and dark, but it's a living. ~Jenny