Thursday, August 7, 2008

Personal Reel

Professional Reel from Mark Pullyblank on Vimeo.

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Albert said...

Hello Mark Pully Bank, my name is Albert Servando from the Philippines and i am currently located in Windsor Ontario Canada. I am studying in St. Clair College in Windsor (Web Development). I saw your animation about "An electrical cord searches for its natural mate — the extension cable. Is this love built to last, or will someone pull the plug?" I like it and awesome! By the wayi am planning to transfer school in VanArts in Vancouver and i believed u are a graduate from that school. May i ask favor if you can help me provide information about the school and the course that you took. Also, can you provide info the employment opportunities in the field of animation. I really need your advise please help me. You may reply directly to my email or thru my facebook Looking forward to see you personally soon. Contact Number please? Merry Christmas. From: ALBERT SERVANDO/ Windsor/Philippines